About Us

I created this blog because I wanted to help women be fabulous at any age starting now, right where you are, not after you have lost weight or the kids go off to college or after you have proven in some way that you deserve it, but now.

As a physician, a mother, a wife and most importantly a woman over fifty, I have come to realize that many of use our perceived flaws as a reason to recede into shells and stop living our lives out loud.  We convince ourselves that in some way we are not good enough to do, experience and be everything we have dreamt of for so long.  This leads to opportunities missed and happiness never experienced.

Have you ever looked back at a photograph of a time in your life when you thought you were too fat or had really bad hair or felt you were not attractive in some way?  When you look at that picture did you say to yourself, I can’t believe I thought that, my hair so thick, my skin was so clear?  I wish I had that now.  Well you have something that you can showcase now.  You can be the best you, now,  even better because now you are aware and confident.  You can #BeFabulouslyFlawed

Dr. Harry integrates the best evidenced based medicine whether she is treating her patients for hormones, nutritional imbalances, blood sugar or just helping them to live healthier lives. Her philosophy is balance is healing, lack of disease does not equal optimal health and prevention trumps cure every time.  She is author of Live Younger in 8 Simple Steps and Anxiety 101, a holistic approach to taking your life back. She is featured in numerous national and international publications and radio programs offering her expertise on holistic integrative approach to living healthier and younger, the body, mind connection and the impact of stress on the body, mind and genes.  In 2005 she founded and is currently medical director of Oasis for Optimal Health, an integrative holistic center located in Orlando, Florida.