The Dilemma with Weight Loss

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Getting healthy is the new little black dress.  It goes with everything and fits every occasion~  E. Harry MD

Getting healthy is the new little black dress. It goes with everything and fits every occasion~ E. Harry MD

Often times I finding myself fending weight loss questions. At times I feel as if I sitting in that dreaded inquisition room with the bright, hot lights shining directly into my eyes then I hear a harsh voice from the darkness demanding “tell us the secret to weight loss doctor or we can’t be responsible for what happens to you.” I don’t have the secret or the magical path to weight loss, I would respond, but I can tell you how to be healthier. “That is a lie doctor, we know you are keeping it all to yourself,” the voice would then say. With beads of sweat running down my face, I would say, “but science and history agrees with me.” I would much prefer the question- Hey doc, can you tell me how to get healthy? Can you work with me to find a lifestyle that I can maintain and still be healthy? Now, that I can do!

Why do we want to lose weight any way? The word “lose” implies that the weight is out there just waiting to be found again. Isn’t that exactly what usually happens when we lose weight. Everything about “weight loss” screams- this is a temporary solution. Often times, we hope that if we lose the weight fast enough then maybe it won’t be able to find its’ way back home.

Well, here is how losing things tend to work. If it was that diamond earring that was given to you by your husband after he professed his undying love for you- the odds are that is going to stay lost. Now if it is that 50 pounds that you lost after a diet program- odds are you will find that faster than you can say the word “bikini”.



Now there may be many theories about why this occurs. If you consider yourself practical and logical, then you may answer- well that is simple, if we put more calories in than we use that has to = weight gain. If you subscribe to the mindset that like attracts like, then you might believe that obsessing about not wanting to gain the weight back or believing that – whatever weight we lose we regain inevitable leads to weight gain. Again, “Like attracting Like”.

My theory is that nothing is absolute; so there is always more than one contributing factor. Yes focusing on what we want as opposed to what we don’t want tends to more uplifting and therefore have a more positive impact on moods. Better moods can go a long way in motivating change. Another question that might be asked is- what does the weight represent? What is it a symptom of? Traditionally, we think of disease as the final step prior to treatment. We diagnose then we treat. Perhaps weight is a symptom of dis-ease in the body, mind and/or spiritual self. That is why part of any get healthy and fit program should be aimed at identifying the dysfunction and dis-ease not only in the body but also in the mind and the spirit.

For example, dysfunction in the body could manifest as nutrient deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalance or inappropriate intake of calories (too much, too little or even the wrong type). Emotionally you could be using the weight as a shield or a form of protection. Many times this occurs at an subconscious level. Somewhere along the way your subconscious mind got the message that you were not safe and in an attempt to keep you safe created patterns and behaviors that created extra weight to shield you from harm. On a spiritual level you may feel as if you have lost your connection to purpose. Perhaps you are struggling with the question that plagues us all at one point or another- why am I here, what is my purpose? The weight may then help you to feel anchored on some level to somethng. You may be filling a void you didn’t even realize existed.



My point is that we need to put the focus on gaining health and not losing weight. After all, recent studies are concluding that a BMI that falls within the acceptable normal range is not always an indicator of good health. The fact that as a nation we spend billions on weight loss products and programs yet our obesity rate and health issues continue to increase may be all the proof that we need that we are not getting it right. Reset your goal to emphasize being fit and healthy and you will be well on your way to #BeFabulouslyFlawed.

Tune in to our blog for tips and strategies to get you to your Fit, Fabulous and Healthy size. Remember, it might look different for everyone but it always feels good.

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