Stop Exercising, Start Energizing

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Stop Exercising, Start Energizing

Call off the Exercise Police!

I felt compelled to write this and share my prospective after seeing many of my female friends and patients struggle with body image and accepting that they deserve to feel and be the best that they can.  I say to you-  Stop judging yourself based on someone else’s perfect.   Be you!.  

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I Quit Exercising and I Have Never Felt Better

Now before you go alerting the exercise police or start pontificating on how a holistic physician can make such an irresponsible statement, let me explain.  I, like numerous others, have started countless exercise programs, joined many gyms and owned more exercise DVD’s (heck VHS’s) that I can count.  My goal, you may ask? Well that was simple, 2 babies and 80 pound weight gain times two later, I was on a mission to banish those trouble spots from my life forever.  I was going to “widdle” that middle, achieve that elusive space between my thighs, regardless of my genetics and create a body that always looked like I was wearing Spanx.  With that mission in mind, I was exercising solely for the purpose of creating my idea of the ‘perfect” body.

The Crazy Cycle . .

I would start each program filled with enthusiasm as each DVD promised to lift my butt, create an hour glass figure and create that inch space between my thighs as I so lived in fear that any friction caused by my jean legs rubbing together could potentially ignite a forest fire.  A few weeks or even months after, I would end the program the same way, feeling discouraged, defeated and uninspired.  After all, those critical measurements of success, the size of my abs, hips and thighs remained unchanged.  This obviously meant that the exercise program failed miserably and that in some way I had failed as well (certainly no cause for celebration).

Then finally, I had an “aha” moment.  What if the reason I felt great at the beginning of each work out program was because I was “exercising?”  After all, exercise has been shown to enhance moods and relieve feelings of depression.  If that were the case, then exercise was working for me.  What was not working for me was my critical way of judging myself and, of course, my definition of “success.”

Perhaps what I Was seeking all along was Confidence 

I reexamined the facts.  With exercise, I was feeling better, stronger, sharper and more energetic.   I stopped because I didn’t become Beyonce or Kate Moss, etc. (genetically impossible by the way).  I then felt moody, sluggish and certainly no slimmer.  To take liberty with Einstein’s quote- I had to stop the craziness and redefine, realistically the word success.  That is when I decided to stop exercising and start energizing.  I came to the conclusion that I would exercise because it made me better, stronger, smarter and happier.  I realized when I was in this state of being, I felt like an unstoppable force of nature.

What about that spanx body you may ask?  Well, no offense to Beyonce and Kate but the better I feel, the more I appreciate what I am working with and that feels awesome.  Another AHA moment, perhaps what I was seeking all along was confidence.  Well, mission accomplished for today!  Tomorrow we do it again.

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